Soccer, or FootGolf?

footgolf silhouetteIf you want to practice your kicking accuracy but need a break from the soccer field, then consider FootGolf for your next cross-training workout. FootGolf is a relatively new sport that started about five years ago in Europe, but has recently spread to over 260 golf courses throughout the country.

How To Play FootGolf

Similar to golf, the aim is to get a ball into a hole in the least number of strokes possible. You start behind a specific marker, and kicking order is determined by who is farthest from the hole. FootGolf is scored the same as golf, with typical pars ranging from 3 to 5 per hole.

But FootGolf uses no clubs and no tees; players need to kick a soccer ball into 21-inch cups. Another significant difference is the tee-to-hole length, which are often under 250 yards to accommodate shorter kick lengths compared to drive lengths in golf.

Why Play FootGolf

FootGolf is an attractive alternative for soccer players looking to get a different kind of kicking practice. Players will face new challenges like reading the green, but the pressure for making a solid kick in FootGolf is similar to the pressure of shooting in soccer. Players also get the advantage of practicing their dribbling in between holes. Although the game can include an element of goofiness, FootGolf is as serious as you and your friends make it.

In fact, the American FootGolf League (AFGL) held its first pro-am tournaments this September, and gave out $25,000 in prizes to players from all over the world. The AFGL has big plans to drastically expand that prize pool in the coming years.

Kickoff times for FootGolf generally take place in the evenings so golf courses can take advantage of the daylight leftover after golfers take their last tee time. Golf courses get to pick up a little extra revenue while soccer players and golfers alike can try out this new form of athletic activity. The next time you’re feeling like a change of pace from your typical training regimen, head to a golf course and try out this fun new sport.