Booing Banned in Some New England Soccer Matches

NESCAC SoccerThe New England Small College Athletic Conference, otherwise known as the NESCAC, has served as an authority on the sport since its formation in 1971. It now sponsors 26 conference championships, including thirteen for men and thirteen for women. It represents and includes some of the most popular New England teams for the sport, including Amherst College, Tufts University, Wesleyan University and Williams College. However, the Conference has often struggled with how to handle unruly fans. In 2011, it proposed a policy, which served to ask game officials to help monitor any unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of participating fans. If any such behavior was detected, the policy asked game officials to address the issue speedily and readily.

Now, according to an article recently completed by Fox News College Sports, the New England Small College Athletic Conference has been forced to issue another policy, which is very similar to the original mandate laid to the governing officials. However, this specific policy orders that all supporters and fans attending games are not allowed to boo any action taken on the field that meets their disapproval. Specifically, the policy asks supporters not to engage in any action that could be interpreted as offensive, confrontational or unsportsmanlike, including any form of booing or taunting, through the use of profanity, rude language or gestures. Essentially, any sole action that could be potentially construed as negative is prohibited while attending any affected games under this policy.

The policy was issued in the form of a letter, which was sent out by the NESCAC. The content was signed and agreed to by eleven colleges serving under the Conference; any supporter that attends a game at one of these colleges must adhere to the new policy or face the consequences of their negative actions.